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            Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, MAG provides customers with local engineering, sales, and customer support. Our manufacturing facility located in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico utilizes advanced Dow extrusion technology complemented by intellectual capital accumulated over 75 years of business in the magnesium industry. 

            At the core of our business is our people. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Mag Specialties provides customers with local engineering, sales and customer support. We've retained some of most experienced and dedicated employees in the magnesium industry; many with former tenures at Timminco and Dow Magnesium.

            A strong suite of capabilities is the foundation of our business. We have experience extruding over 9000 shapes and 20 different alloys, the most of any magnesium extrusion facility in the world.


            Our solutions driven outlook means that beyond our extrusion capabilities, we guide our customers through the entire life cycle of our products: from initial concept & design to alloy selection. For profiles that require post extrusion processing, we advise on machining, forming, and joining (Mg-Mg or Mg-Al). We even advise customers on coating options for corrosion protection and how to recycle magnesium at the end of a process stream or at the end of its life cycle.