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          Case studies in a variety of industries demonstrate MAG Specialties' solution-driven commitment and highlight solutions delivered to a variety of customers.
          magnesium handguards


          Learn about the process taken in the development of the industry's first and lightest commercially sold magnesium handguards
          automotive magnesium frame

          USCAR Study

          Learn about our production of a new magnesium alloy for the automotive industry and published testing results
          magnesium in nuclear plant


          Learn about our extremely stringent QC process in producing alloys and extrusions for this industry for the highest level of reliability and safety
          magnesium luggage frame

          Luggage Frames

          Learn about how we support this industry in the production of complex shapes and post extrusion forming and coating
          magnesium for the microsoft surface


          Learn about the benefits of magnesium application for the laptop and electronic industry. Learn about how we assist this industry in the development of new magnesium enclosures