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          Mag Specialties has experience extruding over 9000 shapes in over 20 different magnesium alloys. We offer magnesium extruded products in a variety of standard alloys and forms as well as many special shapes and alloys tailored to our customer's requirements.

          Extruded Shapes

          extruded magnesium shapes
          Mag Specialties has experience extruding over 9000 shapes in over 20 different magnesium alloys. We offer magnesium extrusions in a variety of standard alloys and forms as well as many special shapes tailored to fit a customer's requirement.

          Typical benefits of magnesium extruded products include:
          Lightest Structural Metal
          Extruded magnesium is the lightest structural metal weighing 33% lighter than aluminum
          High specific strength and stiffness
          Magnesium extrusions are up to 25% lighter than aluminum on an equal strength or stiffness basis
          Superior Machineability
          Magnesium requires 45% less power to machine than aluminum
          Complex shapes and tight tolerances
          Magnesium can be extruded into complex shapes with tight tolerances
          High shock absorption and dent resistance
          Magnesium is ideal for applications requiring shock absorption and dent resistance
          Good thermal conductivity and thermal stability
          Extruded magnesium conducts heat well and has good thermal stability
          Low tooling cost
          Extrusions have low tooling cost and allow fast prototype development
          Typical extrusion forms and alloys we produce are summarized in the table below. Chemical and mechanical properties are available upon request.
          Extruded Form* AZCOML AZ31B AZ61A AZ80A ZK60A
          Rod, Bar, Solid Shapes
          Structural Shapes
          Wire (also in AZ92A)

          Hollow Shapes
          Semi-Hollow Shapes
          *MAG also produces other magnesium alloys, and a variety of aluminum alloy extrusions.
          Mechanical Properties * (Typical- solid shapes) AZCOML AZ31B AZ61A AZ80A
          Yield Strength (ksi) 27 28 31 38 44
           Tensile Strength (ksi) 37 38 45 50 53
          Elongation (%) 15 14 15 6 11
          Shear Strength (ksi) - 19 22 24 26
          Bearing Yield Strength (ksi) - 33 42 53 59
           Bearing Ultimate Strength (ksi) - 56 68 60 79
          *For design purposes, please use minimum guaranteed mechanical data available per ASTM B107. More information is also available upon request of Wrought Products Booklet.

          Extruded Anodes

          extruded anodes
          The use of extruded anodes for cathodic protection of residential and commercial glass-lined water heaters is a common practice. Mag Specialties supplies customers with both magnesium and aluminum anodes. Our magnesium anodes consist of our standard Galvorod? (AZ31B) for regular application or Galvomag? (M1C) for high-current output applications. Both magnesium and aluminum anodes (A420 & A8020) can be supplied in a variety of sizes and finishes.

          Some of the benefits of our anodes are listed below:
          Guaranteed highest quality
          We supply the highest quality anodes verified by independent labs
          High anode efficiency
          Extruded anodes typically have a 54% anode efficiency or higher per ASTM G97 test ensuring they will last over extended periods of time
          NSF/ANSI 61 Certification
          MAG is NSF/ANSI 61 certified, ensuring our anodes have been tested for trace elements that may be harmful
          Our Galvoline? product line, also an M1C alloy, is primarily used for underground applications with high current output requirements. Galvoline?, unlike individual anodes, produces an efficient and even current distribution along a pipeline. This product line is typically sold in coils and delivered on pallets.

          Cast Anodes

          magnesium cast anodes
          Mag Specialties provides the cathodic protection industry with high quality cast anodes in both Galvomag? (M1C) and H1 (AZ63-B). Our Galvomag? alloy is typically used in applications that require a higher current output. We provide D-Type, S-Type and Aqueous Series cast anodes. All our cast anode grades are tested by independent labs to meet or exceed 50% current efficiency per ASTM G97 test.

          Concrete Tools

          magnesium concrete tool
          Mag Specialties produces concrete tool magnesium extrusions for some of the largest concrete tool manufacturers in North America. Since we don’t produce finished concrete tools, we leave that task for our valued customers. We’ve supplied some of these companies for over 30 years and we value the relationships that have been developed with our company. Some of the extrusions we produce are:
          Magnesium Bullboats
          Magnesium Screeds
          Magnesium Handfloats
          Magnesium Channel floats
          Magnesium Lutes


          Magnesium concrete tools are 33% lighter than aluminum
          Magnesium is alkali resistant and lasts longer than aluminum, and is more durable than wood
          dimentional tolerance
          Magnesium concrete tools have excellent dimensional tolerance – especially flatness
          A Better finish
          Magnesium concrete tools typically give a better surface finish on concrete
          Mag Specialties is a North American producer providing shorter delivery lead-times

          Forging Billets

          magnesium forging billets
          Mag Specialties produces the highest quality magnesium forging billets in our industry. Leveraging our long history in magnesium production, we’ve developed a process to produce magnesium forging stock that meets the stringent requirements of our customers. The use of our forging billets in the production of forged race car wheels for the Formula One circuit is a testament to our quality. We can supply:
          Good Forgeability, Medium Strength
          Higher Strength than AZ31B
          Higher Strength than AZ61B and heat treatable
          Highest guaranteed minimum strength and higher ductility than AZ80

          Benefits of Forging Grade Billets

          Guaranteed quality
          We verify quality by microstructure testing
          Full traceability
          We maintain full traceability and certify for chemistry
          Pre-ex Capability
          We can pre-extrude forging billets to improve forgeability
          Ultrasonic testing
          We use UT certified personnel to test per customer’s specification


          specialty magnesium alloys
          Magnesium is a key ingredient in many pharmaceutical and chemical/metallurgical applications. Mag Specialties produces a variety of alloys and forms for these industries:
          A magnesium-calcium alloy used in the lead industry for de-bismuthizing
          A calcium-magnesium alloy used for the lead battery alloying
          Magnesium granules and turningS
          For the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries

          Benefits of our Specialty Metals

          Consistent chemistry and sizing of our turnings and granules enable reliable and high yield Grignard reactions.
          Mag-Cal and Cal-Al reduce plant fugitive emissions, improve workplace environment and can be added at lower temperature.
          Mag-Cal results in consistently higher recovery of both magnesium and calcium in the lead bath; minimizing reagent additions and enabling more accurate predictions of final bismuth levels.
          Cal-Al’s uniform chemistry and high-quality leads to more consistent battery grids and improved battery performance.