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          We guide our customers through the entire life cycle of their products: from initial concept & design to alloy selection; followed by proto-typing, production and testing. We are also able to advise our customers about post extrusion processes such as machining, forming, and coatings.

          Engineering Support

          magnesium engineering support
          • Our magnesium extrusion solution process starts by offering our customers basic engineering support and a selection of different magnesium alloys in a wide variety of extrusion sizes and shapes. We offer:
          Alloy selection for application
          Choose from over 9 alloys or allow us to develop a custom alloy to fit your application
          We provide rendering of 3D models and quick part prototyping
          Conceptual FEA
          We can assist with basic FEA (or initial guidance only)
          Cost optimization analysis
          We can make recommendations on cost reduction of part
          Custom tooling design
          We conduct custom tooling design to meet customer requirements


          magnesium extrusions
          • Our magnesium extrusion capabilities include a wide range of magnesium alloy sizes and shapes tailored to fit their application. We offer:
          Profile Sizes
          We can extrude a minimum profile of a 0.047” diameter rod and maximum profile that can fit a 9” circle
          We are able to hold very tight tolerances- down to +/- 0.006” (+/- 0.15 mm) or lower on a case-by-case basis
          Wall Thickness
          We can achieve a minimum wall thickness down to 0.028” (0.7mm)
          Quenching and heat treatment
          We have capability for quenching and heat treatment
          We offer custom extrusion packaging

          Fabrication & Welding

          magnesium cnc machining
          Complementing our magnesium extrusion solution is an array of secondary operations to suite our customer’s needs. We offer:
          CNC Machining
          We have in-house CNC machines for post extrusion fabrication
          Anode Fabrication
          We produce welded, outlet and link anodes
          We can spool wire shapes after extrusion
          We guide customers with forming requirements
          We offer lathing when required
          We can TIG and MIG weld in-house
          We offer assembly of parts when required


          coated handguards
          When customers need corrosion protection for their application, we can draw upon our experience in recommending the right type of coating for their needs. Typical coatings include but are not limited to:
          Passivation layer for magnesium is typically applied by Chromate or Phosphate conversion; Anodizing or PEO/MAO
          Additional coating options
          Additional coating options for magnesium include E-Nickel, E-coating, Powder coating and Ceramic coatings


          custom magnesium alloys
          When an existing magnesium alloy doesn’t quite meet all our customer’s requirements, we are able to explore additional options for alloy development to meet our customer’s mechanical, chemical and physical requirements.
          Custom Magnesium Alloys
          We can custom tailor magnesium alloys design and production capability to address specific customer requirements
          New Magnesium Alloys
          We have developed magnesium alloys that meet the FAA’s flammability test requirements as verified by an independent lab
          Heat Treatments
          We can homogenize, T6 quench or T5 heat-treat new alloys